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विकास साझेदारहरुसँगको बैठकमा संघीय मामिला तथा स्थानीय विकास मन्त्रीज्यूको सम्वोधन Resource Not available PDF icon mofald_minister-speech-5th-october-2016-nepali.pdf
MoFALD Minister's speech from DPs Consultation meeting held on 5th October 2016 (English) Resource Not available PDF icon mofald_minister-speech-5th-october-2016.pdf
लैङ्गिक उत्तरदायी बजेट स्थानीयकरण रणनीति Resource Western Development Region PDF icon gender-responsive-budget-strategy-2016.pdf
Annual Strategic Implementation Plan (ASIP) 2016-17 Resource ASIP PDF icon Annual-Strategic-Implementation-Plan-(ASIP)-2016-17.pdf
वातावरणमैत्री घरका आधारभुत सूचकहरु Resource Publication PDF icon indicators-environment-friendly-house.pdf
Environment Friendly Local Governance Framework, 2013 Resource Publication PDF icon Environment-Friendly-Local-Governance-Framework-2013.pdf
वातावरणमैत्री स्थानीय शासन कार्यक्रम Resource Publication PDF icon eflg.pdf
Compilation on Best Practices of Environment Friendly Local Governance Program (EFLGP) Resource Publication PDF icon Compilation-on-Best-Practices-of-Environment-Friendly-Local-Governance-Program-(EFLGP).pdf
Major Highlights of Environment Friendly Local Governance Programme (EFLGP) in July 2016 Resource Progress Report PDF icon EFLGP-Progress-Report-July-2016-report.pdf
Minute of 16th TASC meeting held on 11th July 2016 Resource minute PDF icon 16th-TASC-meeting-minute.pdf