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Don’t stand in line, Go online!

Submitted on: Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:38

After the implementation of ICT in our Municipality, public service delivery has been improved dramatically and public satisfaction with Municipality has also been improved significantly. Now all staffs are punctual and people are getting services via online. 

- Ganesh Prasad Yadav, Section Officer, Janakpur Sub Municipality

Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City is one of the popular city and major pilgrimage destination of Nepal which is famous for birthplace of Seeta, the Goddess and daughter of King Janak from which the city got its name. Almost centrally located and capital of Province Number 2, the municipality is trying to provide all services to people all through smart ways. 

Three years ago, there prevailed only paper based working culture. There was no tracking of the attendance of staffs so, they enjoyed flexible timing.  On the other hands, the public were the sufferers as they had to go through the irregularities of staffs which resulted in passing of their paper works from one table to another. The website was just for the namesake as there were no latest updates of the programme, nor private company was given the authority to regularly update the contents. There were no effective means to disseminate Municipality decisions and other information to public too. 

The present scenario is completely different; the IT Officer has been contributing for digital transformation of the office. Now the website is regularly updated with latest contents, news and reports; completion of events; general information of officials; contacts and departments etc. The website is very appealing and its use is not complex at all. The municipality has now introduced e-attendance system. This small effort has brought great changes in the office. The attendance system makes check-in at 10:15 and check-out at sharp 17:00.  And regular review of attendance report is being done in monthly basis. With this system, senses of punctuality have been increased amongst the officials. For those intending to go to field visits, the system allows for field-in and field-out system as well.  Now, the service seekers are happy due to regular presence municipality staff. 

Municipality has offered free WiFi in office premises so that officials and public can get access to internet services. Similarly the municipality is planning to operationalize online Vital Event Registration System and Online social security MIS.  The municipality is working to introduce Digital Notice Board and Queue Management System for better service of the Municipality. Along with this, they have also allocated budget to use CCTV camera in Municipality office and provide Free WiFi to Janaki Mandir for pilgrims. Having these changes, the proud Mayor Lal KishorSah use to say- Don’t stand in line, go online for municipality services!